New starter in lockdown


Alice Crofts

If you had told me at the beginning of the year. “You’ll be starting a new job from home in the middle of a global pandemic“. I’m not sure how I would’ve reacted. But! It’s June 2020 and here we are, I’m a new starter during covid-19. I’m typing this from my bedroom on a desk I didn’t own before March 2020. 

The Coronavirus pandemic has changed all of our plans for the year. No more heading down the pub for our local’s quiz night. Thursday evenings became dedicated to showing our appreciation for amazing front-line workers. We’ve cancelled plans, consumed enough banana bread and cake to satisfy us for MONTHS and Joe Wicks has been getting us all in shape. I say all… I’ll start next Monday.

The effects of lockdown, isolated from our friends and family, has taken its toll on our mental wellbeing. These feelings of uncertainty paired with the general anxieties of starting a new job can be overwhelming. Whilst I’ve been getting used to my new job, I’ve also been finalising my Level 3 Digital Marketing apprenticeship with Starting Off. It’s been a little full on.

It was slightly daunting to think that I’d have to be training and learning the ropes of my new roles and responsibilities through Zoom, Slack and video tutorials. But it’s been so much easier than I ever expected! For the last eight months, I have been working with peers across the globe on my Squared Online course. So i’ve been utilising these online communication tools for months. Looking back it seems like it was all in preparation for now!

So here are some platform suggestions for any new starter or business welcoming a new starter during covid-19:


Zoom has allowed me and the team to have meetings every day. Whenever we need each other, we’re at the click of a button. While I’ve been learning how to use new tools, it has been so handy to be able to screen share with the team. Watching while they complete tasks, so I can take note and learn. It’s been equally as nice to virtually cheers a cold beverage together at the end of a busy week!


Slack has allowed me to have instant communication with the team and my managers. It’s almost as if in office together. It is a free instant messaging software which has allowed me to ask quick questions and collaborate easily with the team.


Google Sheets has allowed us to collaborate as a team on content. When in office you can hover over someones shoulder or sit together and look through work. Although current situations have meant we need to find alternative ways to collaborate. Google Sheets allows me to write content and then ask for management approval. Easily seeing where they have made amends.


We use in a variety of ways as an agency. Firstly to offer our clients an easy an interactive way to view and approve content, giving a collaborative base away from long email trails. But also to streamline the way we work as a team. Having a base where we can collaborate and see individual tasks as well as a wider team to-do. The team have been using way before lockdown, although it has been a godsend to use since all working from home. It offers an easy way to monitor our workloads and interact with our clients.

My first month has definitely been an experience I’ll never forget. Sadly not many people can say that they were new starter during covid-19. Or that they’ve worked with their team for a month but never even been in the office to properly meet them! But fear not if you’re about to start a new role or take on a new starter. There are ways around getting to grips with your new job away from the norm.

As lockdown restrictions begin to be lifted, it makes me so excited to know I’m closer to properly meeting my new colleagues in the office where we can all be together. I’m looking forward to claiming my actual desk and dismantling my work set up in my room and feeling a bit more ‘normal’. 

However, I will no doubt miss my Mum walking in on the background of my Zoom calls with a cup of coffee for me… I might have to take her with me, I’m not sure I can now live without that luxury!

Alice Crofts – Digital Marketeer

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