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Content Marketing Tips to Help You Smash Your Internet Marketing Strategies

Are you smashing your internet marketing strategies? Do you actually have an online content marketing strategy in place for your business? I’ve collated some of the top content marketing tips we swear by at All Things Management and have shared a few of them with you below so that you can start smashing your strategies.


If you’re still not using infographics in 2018, why? They should play a big part in internet marketing strategies because they can be so powerful. Infographics are easily shareable content that work across multiple platforms. The information is much more digestible than plain text content; in fact, visual content is processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than plain text. Infographics can also result in an average of a 12% traffic growth.


Content Marketing Tips: Infographics



Video marketing really is on the rise this year, so I had to include it with these content marketing tips. Studies have shown that 81% of businesses use video in their marketing strategies; 65% of those that don’t have said that they will start using it in 2018. With these stats, who wouldn’t want to jump on the video bandwagon? Similarly to infographics, videos are super shareable content that people are willing to share with their friends on social media. With all platforms now supporting video, it’s definitely the time to put it in internet marketing strategies.


Content Marketing Tips: Videos



Would it be a blog about content marketing tips if I didn’t write about blogs themselves? Blogs are a very popular marketing tool, particularly with small businesses. Studies show that small businesses who use blog writing as part of their internet marketing strategies receive 125% more lead growth than those that don’t.


Content Marketing Tips: Blogs


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