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Writing a Social Media Post Which Gains Traction

Creating content on your social media platforms and not getting any interaction back can be off-putting, especially when you believe what you’re posting is worth it.

You can have the best product in the world, a customer service team which makes your customers’ day and salespeople who could sell sand to a camel…but without thought through social media posts, you may as well be invisible.

So here you go, we’ve put together a starter guide, to ensure your social media posts include everything they need…to go viral.

How much do I write:
This depends on what you’re writing, however the general idea is not to bombard your audience with too much content. Being punchy with your wording is crucial as you’re then able to get the point across before your audience loses interest.

Break your content up, no one wants to read line after line of text. Include images every 2 paragraphs if you need to write a lot. If not, try to keep your posts to under 50 words. 

Call to action:
In your posts, make sure to add a call to action. If customers are interested, you want to ensure it’s straightforward for them to reach you. Do this by giving a telephone number or an email address.

Including both ways of contacting you allows customers on the go to send a quick email but also allows people who want to speak over the phone to call up.

When to post:
Quality over quantity. As soon as a customer sees a social media post which they find uninteresting, their chances of unfollowing you are much higher. Ensure all posts have value and meaning... if not, you’re posting for the sake of it. 

Take a look at your social media analytics, these will show you when your followers are most active or when your social media engagement is the best. From these results, you’ll be able to find a more relevant time to post. 

Image quality:
A picture can speak a thousand words…it’s true.
Images on social media show an insight into what you’re selling to the potential customer, so make sure the image is good.

Tweets with images receive 150% more retweets than tweets without images.
Facebook posts with images see 2.3X more engagement than those without images.

As you can see from the facts above, images can have a huge impact on your social media posts...but only if they add value to your post.

Follow these tips to ensure you post high quality images:

If it looks fuzzy to you, it will to the viewer. Use a smartphone or camera to create high resolution images
Does it relate to your post? If not, find something that does.


Hashtags are great for attracting attention to your posts from people who have never been near your social platforms before. They can connect you to people from all over the globe, but you want to use them effectively.

When adding a hashtag, any other person who searches that word can see your post. If you are looking to employ people in Northampton, adding ‘#Northampton’ on your post will be shown to people who have searched and have an interest in the Northampton area. Adding ‘#Job #Northampton’ will most likely only be searched by people looking for a job in Northampton, meaning you have refined your search.

Make sure not to add too many hashtags to your post as this can overwhelm your audience. You never want more hashtags than plain content; keep it to less than half of the content when posting on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Every platform is different. For example, with Instagram you may be able to get away with using more hashtags, and as a hint: hide them in the comments section.
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